Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is an effective way to influence the ambience and mood of a home. Brighten or dim any room in the house or automate lighting to respond to your lifestyle by creating time-based schedules.

When smart lighting is tied to other systems in the home, such as audio-visual, blinds, and security, the possibilities are virtually endless:

  • We can tailor a scene to flash the lights when the security system is activated, sending an alert to your smart phone.
  • A "goodnight" button turns of all lights, locks the doors and arms the security system.
  • Motion sensors at the front porch illuminate the deck lights and sets a path to the front door.
  • Create an aesthetic landscape lighting environment which can be programmed to be turned on and off at specific times.
  • Control4 keypads can manage all the lights throughout the home, but it doesn't have to be tied to a single light at all. Buttons can also manage non lighting tasks, such as music control, disarming the alarm, opening the garage door, closing the blinds or a combination of any of these commands.

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