Security for Business

Business Security

Installing a security alarm and IP cameras will serve as a strong deterrent, providing you and your business with peace of mind.

Our registered Victorian security installers take security further by integrating it into your Control4 automation system. This provides an entirely new layer of security:

  • Disarm or arm your alarm remotely from your Control4 app.
  • Get security alerts when someone has breached your premises.
  • Trigger an event when an intruder enters your premises.
  • Lock and unlock doors remotely.
  • Check in on your CCTV cameras from your Smartphone.

The security alarm system can also be programmed in conjunction with other devices integrated with Control4. We can create a scene, for example 'Away', that with a push of a button, the alarm is armed, lights and audio-visual are turned off, all doors are locked, and security lights are turned on.

24/7 monitoring is available via your Smartphone.

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