Lighting Control for Business

Lighting for Business

Smart lighting is an effective way to influence the ambience and mood of your workplace.

Control lighting in any area or automate lighting to respond by creating time-based schedules. When smart lighting is tied to other systems such as audio-visual, blinds, and security, the possibilities are virtually endless.

We can tailor a 'Good Morning' scene to turn on specific arrive.
A 'Goodnight' scene turns off all lights, locks the doors and arms the security system.

Create different environments, for example:

  • Ambient lighting for bars
  • Specific task lighting for reception
  • Accent lighting to highlight menu boards in restaurants or bars.

Control4 keypads can manage all the lights throughout the workplace, but it doesn't have to be tied to a single light at all. Buttons can also manage non-lighting tasks, such as music control, disarming the alarm, closing the blinds or a combination of any of these commands.

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